The following are some instruments used during exams to take measurements
and assess the health of the eye.

Retinal Camera and Anterior Segment Camera

Retinal Camera

These cameras provide high-resolution, digital, color photographs of both the inside and outside parts of the eye.  The cameras interface directly with our electronic health records, making the photos a permanent part of your health record.


Auto Refractor

This instrument is used to take basic measurements of the eye.  These numbers are used to give the doctor a starting point to determine your prescription.



This instrument is used to determine the prescription for your corrective lenses.



The biomicroscope is used to view the front of the eye [lids, cornea, conjunctiva, anterior chamber, iris, lens] under high magnification. This instrument can also be used with a fundus lens (a small handheld high power lens) to evaluate the health of the retina, vessels and optic nerve for glaucoma and other diseases.

Visual Field Analyzer


The automated visual field unit tests your peripheral vision. It is one of the most sensitive tests we have for the detection of glaucoma and neurological disease.

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